Light Sphere Specifications: Is There Anything I Have To Do Before and After Using It?

Now that you know all the benefits of the Light Sphere and you know how to use it to help with wrinkles, acne and dark spots, you might be wondering if there’s anything specific you need to do before and after using your Light Sphere. In this article, we are going to talk about all the important steps before and after using your Light Sphere

Before using your Light Sphere: 

  • Read the instructions manual: Before using your Light Sphere for the first time, it is important to read the instructions manual that comes with it. In the manual, you will find not only all the instructions for when using your Light Sphere but also an explanation on how does it work and what are its benefits. 
  • Charge your device: When your device is connected and charging the light will flash. The device will be charged and ready to use when the light stops flashing and becomes a long light. Light Sphere should never be used while charging. Make sure to take the cord out of the socket before using it. 
  • Apply moisture to the skin: Before start massaging your skin, you need to apply some kind of moisture so the device can slide on the skin. Make sure this moisture you’re applying is water-based and alcohol-free. Avoid using oil-based products with your Light Sphere

When using Light Sphere

  • Select the desired mode: Press the button of the mode you want to use, either it is UL, LED, or EMS. 
  • Select the right intensity: When using your Light Shere for the first time, make sure to use intensity 1. Once you have more time using your Light Sphere, you can slowly increase the intensity to what feels comfortable. 
  • Keep moving the Light Sphere: Avoid placing the device in the same place for too long to avoid damages to the skin. When using your Light Sphere make sure to keep moving it all around the area you are using it on. 

After using Light Sphere

  • Clean after use: It is important to clean the device after using it. you can do this with a water-wet towel or with alcohol-free cleaning wipes. This device is water-resistant but make sure to not soak it in water, as it can damage it. 
  • Storage: When not in use, Light Sphere should be kept in a humid-free environment apart from direct sunlight, heating devices, or intense temperatures either it is hot or cold. Keep the device out of reach of children and make sure the power adapter is not connected to the device if it is not charging. 

Following all these instructions will not only help to use your Light Sphere in a safe and correct way, but it will also help with its useful life.