• Light Sphere Specifications: Is There Anything I Have To Do Before and After Using It?

    Now that you know all the benefits of the Light Sphere and you know how to use it to help with wrinkles, acne and dark spots, you might be wondering if there’s anything specific you need to do before and after using your Light Sphere. In this article, we are going to talk about all the important steps before and after using your Light Sphere. 
  • Dark Spots: How Can I Use Light Sphere to Treat Them?

    Hyperpigmentation is tough to treat. Whether it is caused by sun exposure, pregnancy, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. We don’t always know how to treat it. If you are looking for an easy by effective treatment, Light Sphere can be your best friend when treating your dark spots. Keep reading to know how.  LED Light Therapy has been prove...
  • Acne: How Can I Use Light Sphere to Treat It?

    Dealing with acne is a really hard task. Not only because of how difficult it is to control, but because of the impact it can have on your confidence and social life. Since all skin is different it can become complicated to treat this skin condition. However, there are some things that can be used by everyone and one of those is our Light Sphere...
  • Wrinkles: How Can I Use Light Sphere to Treat Them?

    If you are worried about wrinkles either because you have them or because you want to avoid them, our Light Sphere is an excellent partner for that matter.
  • Light Sphere: What Are Its Benefits?

    If you are wondering what our Light Sphere is, it is a device that combines LED Light, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, and Ultrasonic High-Frequency Vibration. We know that these names sound a little complicated and not all of us know their benefits, so keep reading to get to know the benefits of all these therapies: 
  • Peelings, Are They Recommended?

    As scary as the words “Chemical Peel” might sound, it can be an excellent treatment for  many different skin conditions. If you have ever heard about this facial treatment you may  be curious about what it is and if it is a good fit for you, so let’s talk a little about it. 
  • Taking Care of Your Skin: Before and After Your Workout

    We all know that working out has a lot of benefits, it can help you maintain a healthy  weight, keep a good circulatory system, improve your mental health, and it also has a lot  of benefits for your skin. However, did you know that if you don’t have the correct routine  before and after working out it can have an adverse effect on your skin? 
  • Face Masks, What Are They Really For?

    Face masks are a good way to give your skin a boost, based on the need you have in that moment. It is important to say that face masks mostly act for a temporary need, for example: dehydration, inflammation, removing excess oil, etc.